Untitled and Unremembered

I honestly don’t remember writing this, but it is in my journal. I know it was on a bus in Northern Argentina, but that’s about it. It was on the way up to see the Cataratas


Lights come up and a man is aiming a gun at a tourist-y looking woman. You can hear city noises in the distance.  She has her arms above her head.

WOMAN  (After an extremely long pause) …just shoot me.

MAN  Listen lady, gimmie your fucking shit before I blow your brains into next week (his hand is shaking slightly but he steadies his aim. She remains somber.)

WOMAN  No. (pause) I said shoot me. (She slowly lowers hers arms) its ok, do it.

MAN  Put your hands back up! (She remains tense and still, calming her nerves) I’m serious! I will- (He takes a small step toward her and she raises her arms halfway) you aren’t a good listener bitch. Let’s go-

WOMAN  I’m not a bitch, (calmly) you don’t- Don’t call me that.


WOMAN  WHat if I said you were a bitch, or or your mother? How would that feel?

MAN  Fuck, I dunno, you need to just… just shut up and put your hands-

WOMAN  Is your mother a bitch?

MAN  What?

WOMAN  Is your mother, a bitch.

MAN   Tha’s none of your fucking business

WOMAN  (stronger, lowers arms) Then what business is it of yours to call me a bitch?

MAN  I don’t think you understand the situation here

WOMAN  (Suddenly aggressive and nervous) No. I don’t think YOU Understand that you should go ahead and fucking (screams) SHOOT ME!

MAN  (Stutters but regains his position of power slightly) I- I well don’t call her a bitch again.

WOMAN  Is she?

MAN  My mother?

WOMAN yes, a bitch? (SHe takes a step back and he takes a quick step toward her, steading his aim again)

MAN  So what if she is?

WOMAN  (pause as she holds back tears) I’m sorry.

MAN  (he becomes angry to stop from feeling otherwise) Look , you need to stop fucking around cause I’m getting sick of this shit.

WOMAN  Fine. (long pause) Who’s important anyway right? I mean if life is yours to bargain with too… or rather, you assume… But I think it will be in a minute… (pause) I don’t want it.. and you don’t either…. but it’s mine.

MAN  WHat the FUCK are you talking about?! You need, I mean, lady you don’t understand what this is.

WOMAN  No. I do. And I thnk you should put the gun away (she takes a step but stops when he stiffens up)  no no no listen, I need you to listen because this isn’t suppossed to happen, you aren’t- this isn’t right and you need to not be here. (SHe shudders and holds back tears, MAN is just confused and stunned) My mom was a bitch too.

MAN  So?

WOMAN  So we have somethings in common

MAN  Things?

WOMAN  Yeah, bitch moms… and some other things

MAN  yeah like what bitch? (regrets saying bitch)

WOMAN  It’s Je-

MAN  (Yells and cuts her off) DON’T tell me your name, goddamit. I don’t wanna know you, like we… why are you even talking to me? You should be scared


MAN  Well fucking…. just…. shut up. I’m nt putting it away, you’ll just run and rat me out.

WOMAN  No, I won;t go back I-

MAN  (Walks right up and points the gun right between her eyes) Listen I don’t wanna know shit about you cept how much money you have and how much your shit is worth (grabs her necklace but lets go nd steps back when they hear a siren, as he is distracted WOMAN pulls out her own gun and puts it to her head. MAN sees and lowers his gun briefly, flabbergasted and s[puttering) Wh-what? Are you crazy?

WOMAN  It’s mine not yours, put your gun away (she is calm on the surface, but her eyes swell with emotions unexpressed)

MAN  n-no you put that shit away

WOMAN  You aren’t going to shoot me

MAN  But you said-

WOMAN  I knew you wouldn’t because that’s not what you came here to do. But it’s what I came here to do and I’m not letting you take this away from me. How dare you even begin to assume that this is yours to play with. It belongs to ME and you could NEVER take it away- you could never find it or see it or use it. It’s in there (pause, slightly less controlled) in that space in the space you cant get to, it’s outside you (she is crying now) My head, my hair (pushes the gun harder against her head) my life

(long pause as they both hold aim, arms shaking. she cocks the gun getting ready)

MAN  Put that shit away lady… y-

WOMAN  no, YOU need to get out of here. Go, GO!

MAN  Put the gun away!

(Her crying slows and she lowers the gun. He lowers his and takes a step to her. Eventually he reaches her and they embrace, she sobs as he slowly places a hand on her head. Suddenly, she shoves him and he falls to the ground)

WOMAN  It’s Jenny. (puts the gun back to her head quickly)


BLACK OUT and we hear complete silence (perhaps we hear a gunshot)