some of my favorite movies

in no particular order…

Yellow Submarine    actually, this one goes first…

Young Frankenstein    gene wilder is a god among men

La Vita è Bella  (Life is Beautiful)  Holocaust comedy, it works, you cry… amazing, other Benigni classics-

Johnny Stecchino, Il Mostro (The Monster) and he’s amazing in the next movie on the list:

Coffee and Cigarettes  comical vignettes, mostly about addictions… great cast, effin hilar

The City of the Lost Children    directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet… the camera shots and visuals are in-cre-di-ble

the three trilogies (BTTF, IJ, SW)    duh

A Very long Engagement    the only war movie I’ve even enjoyed, fantastic viz, great acting

A Fish Called Wanda    f-f-f-ucking hilarious

Dr. Strangelove    A MUST SEE, peter sellers… another god among men

Annie Hall    so realistic you feel like woody allen was following you around

The Party    another masterpiece of physical comedy by mr. sellers

Harold and Maude    cat stevens soundtrack… amazing

Lost Highway / Wild at Heart    david lynch films, Wild at heart is my fav anti-rom com

Lolita    great story, once again… sellers rocks

Bananas/Take the Money and Run/Sleepers    woody allen golden age

The Three Caballeros    donald duck takes you on a stereotypical journey through mexico

Dark Crystal  never ending story plus fraggle rock plus the labryinth plus… eh… something dark and in the woods = jim henson’s darkest/best film

Pan’s Labryinth    a grown up’s fairy tale… or a child’s harsh reality

Donnie Darko (dir. cut)  a classic… plus jake gyllenhaal is a hottie

Breathless    jean luc goddard

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers    this movie is gay-er than a parade but I love it, great dance scenes

Persepolis    great story, touching to the core, it owns your brain from the moment it starts. better comic

Groundhog’s Day    bill murray, nuff said

Holy Mountain    trippy to say the least… deff a morality story

Santa Sangre   trippy to say the least, Jodorowsky’s flick about his mama

The Triplets of Bellville    cartoon, best movie soundtrack ever… simple and surreal with great characters

Performance    starring mick jagger, yup

Swingers    it’s so money it doesn’t even know it’s money, vince vaughn at his finest

Wet, Hot, American Summer    absolutely brilliant summer camp spoof movie

Me and You and Everyone We Know    beautifully creepy, brilliantly familiar

Sex, Lies and Videotapes    sexy… james spader is just too sexy

A Shot in the Dark    blake edwards with a little henry mancini sauce plus peter sellers makes one fucking great comedy

Detroit Rock City    fuck yeah

Help!    damn those beatles are cute… and the soundtrack rocks

Idiocracy    a pretty realistic view of what our country is becoming… retarded

The Five Obstructions  Lars Von Triers, great filmmaking about what exactly filmmaking can or could be

Some Like it Hot    still makes me laugh so hard

Talk to Her    ❤ almodovar

Forbidden Zone     80’s black and white rock musical adsurdist experimental raunchy epic film starring Danny Elfman as the devil with music by the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo


I’ll add more as I think of them