you lost my debit card: an open letter to Lock & Key bar

I originally posted this on facebook and tagged Lock & Key, as of now there’s been no response

An open letter to Lock & Key bar on Vermont,

hey hi whats up…
So your bartender lost my debit card by giving it to another Martinez… it’s my unemployment card so it’ll take 2 weeks for me to get a new one… in the meantime I’m penniless so thanks for that.
Also, what kinda “upscale” bar hands cards back to the wrong people? I get that mistakes happen- but maybe part of your strive towards “upscale dinning” should include bartenders that are AT LEAST as good as the ones in the nearby dive bars. I expected a higher level of service after I was told I couldn’t bring my hoodie into the bar (I was wearing a nice dress btw) and that my friend couldn’t wear a shirt with the logo of the company she works for on it… really?
You share a wall with a Chevron and are located across from a Vons… it’s not that fancy- and maybe put “cocktail attire” on your website… just a thought.

Next – I have never met such a rude staff in my life. I obviously, have done nothing wrong in this situation yet they made me feel as if asking them to look for my debit card was the most ridiculous thing they’d ever heard. Not only was my bartender a BAD one (just givin Martinez debit cards away to any Martinez who’s asking…) but when I asked if we could possibly contact the girl who had my card he scoffed, cut me off and said “well there’s a lot of Martinez out there in the world you know.”

yeh I’m fucking aware, I didn’t mean get a phonebook you idiot

I meant call her credit card company and explain your mistake – but I was not given time to explain, instead I was shuffled off to another bartender who seemed nice.
After I waited patiently for 20mins they took my information I asked for a number of a manager and I was given a card. I asked, “will someone pick up?” and I was assured by this other bartender, “yes, someone live will pick up… the owner’s name is Cyrus” With no other choice, I walked back to the car, warmed by sheer anger and NOT my hoodie.

No one has called me from the bar yet so I called the number and, of course, it was a general information line that goes straight to voicemail – so in addition to loosing my property, you lied to me.

So now I’m flat broke, mad and feeling kinda helpless- what am I supposed to do? Go back to the bar and yell this time? Ask for a loan? A coupon?
All of those things are pointless… the only thing that would help now is a little thing we often forget, which is common courtesy.

An apology would be nice too- and not the snide obligatory ones I was getting last night. An apology that comes from a shared perspective of “hey, we caused you a lot of problems didn’t we?”

I guess this is turned into an even open-er letter, to people out there who say, “fuck it.”
To those who shurg and turn away when people trip or drop all their things or can’t get their wiFi to restart properly.

Yeah maybe I’m being dramatic, and YES this is a first world problem but isn’t there an issue here? When did it become so easy for us to ignore our sympathetic feelings towards one another? Where are the people turning and saying, “hey… you should have helped them” or “that’s not nice…”

No one had to lie to me, or dismiss me or be rude to me last night, but it was easier, so they did.

Well you know what’s easier for me? Easier than ignoring, easier than lying, and easier then yelling or pointing fingers… it’s easier for me to write, so here you go.



ps – Lock & Key, if you want to talk to me you have my information and I’d be more than happy to discuss this further.