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Vivian Martinez, hecho en Los Angeles, (y tambien Viviana Martínez como quieran.) Viv currently hosts on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network. Viv’s opened for Nick Thune at Slamdance, written for VICE and been in tons of Super Deluxe y Buzzfeed videos. Mx / she / they

Vivian Martinez is a Chicanx who still lives in her hometown of L.A. They gradated Cum Laude from New England College of the Arts with a BA in Direction and Pie Throwing. She studied abroad at Regent’s College UK where they received a 4.0 GPA (ask her mom, she’ll tell ya.) They identify as non gendered, loves photography and is a member of the TST and ONAC and, soon, the DGA! Vivian has also been a technical director for:

TriBeCa Film Fest, AFI Film Fest, L.A. Film Fest, RedBull, Slamdance, Hulu, Netflix, Grauman’s TCL Chinese Theatre, Amazon Prime, Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, Film Independent’s VR Experience “the Portal” by Jacquline Lyanga, the Spirit Awards VIP Member Broadcast, Deluxe, and many more events across CA, in Portland all over New York City, and Atlanta.

Contact me at 323 475 8892 / all media generated on this site belongs to Vivian Martinez, all rights reserved 2003 (c)

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  1. Christina says:

    hey its christina never knew you had a website but here i am 😀

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