What happened in Brussels today was sad, inhuman and profoundly frightening… problem is, I believe any innocent lost to terrorism is a human tragedy so, we therefore cannot pick and choose which lives we mourn-Which is why these “pop-tragedy” profile filters are really unsettling to me…

Don’t let the media tell you who to mourn for, you’ll end up ignoring those most in need of solidarity and compassion. If you support Brussels, then you must also support victims of terrorism everywhere.

I think the media reports more on these “Western” Terrorist incidents to keep us divided as Nations, to keep us believing that people from the Middle East and Africa are not like us, when in fact we are all just flabby lil flesh bots trying to find a moment of peace on this planet. If you only mourn certain victims, nothing will ever change (cept your profile pic.)
To give some perspective, here’s an incomplete list of other countries that had innocent people die from terrorist attacks this month:

Ivory Coast (22)

Republic of Congo (8)

Syria (11)

Somalia (11 two separate incidents)

Iraq (64 died and 800+ injured in a chemical attack)

Egypt (30 three separate incidents)

Niger (8+ two separate incidents)

Pakistan (15)

Nigeria (22)

Turkey (45 two separate incidents)

Afghanistan (10)

Tunisia (17)
Lastly, this is the humble opinion, no t no shade, of one lady from Los Angeles.

I do not hate Brussels, like I said above – I only believe that in order to change the world, we need to start caring about ALL the victims of terrorism, not the ones that look most like us…