the Vivian Show is EXTENDED!

Somebody likes me!

So happy to announce the Vivian Show: starring other people but mostly Vivian has been extended on the MainStage at iO West! I’m very proud of everyone especially Cassandra Cardenas my partner in crime and terrible intern, my amazing Dr. Rimshot (Terrence Newman) and last but not least all the amazing comedians who helped make it possible:

Barbara Gray, Miles K Stenehjem, Josh Fadem, Matt McCarthy, Riley Silverman, Brodie Reed, Dave Merheje, Adam Strauss, Lizzy Cooperman, Rachel Mac, Stephanie Tolev, Atsuko Okatsuka, Emily Fleming, Christina Catherine Martinez, Wesley Doloris, Bri Giger, Nina Tarr, Omid Singh, Robby Hoffman, Nina Daniels, Jared Ramirez, Robby Slowik, Katheryn Henson, Valerie Tosi and, John Norris!

Come out to our next one where we’re going to premiere a new video OOOOOOOOOOOO click here for the FB event



Here’s some of the old posters:




ViV WON the Funny Women Fest Stand Up Competition!

holy shit-

Thank you To Cake Batter for putting on the festival! Hugsss

I’m SO honored to have had the opportunity to perform next to all dem funny ladies. It was so much fun and I met so many cool people (vaginas and penises!)

I’m gonna go turn on my humidifier and faint now.

Honestly I’m in shock still.

I look so worried! Lol

This is my dad, Henry. I gave him a shout out during the set, it got a big laugh 👻