A few days ago, Chad Bird (or “L” his drag persona) left this physical reality to join the light from where he came. He was my friend, my brother and my sister. He made everything around him more beautiful and was constantly smiling. not only that, but Chad was a fierce, SICKENING trend setter. His curated imagery and style is way ahead of his time and his fashion sense was going to take over the world. Chad was an angle… but L is a star and will live forever.

I decided to generate som fan art for L, because like I said… she’s fantastic and beautiful and was going to bring so much beautiful change to this world.

Here’s his Time Magazine tribute:



Chad Bird / L had aspiration to join RuPaul’s drag race to shake up those fishes and bitties with some hardcore California REALness. L’s beauty goes beyond androgyny to a world where its not necessary to separate one from the others. He defines beauty as beauty, no labels, no limits… just love and L.

this of course, is L’s debut album of sick dance tunes which will come out as soon as she wins RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7.

All these images were originally pulled from Chad Bird’s archives on his website.

thanks… and don’t forget to create memories and cherish every moment with your loved ones. You never know how fragile a human life is until you see it smash. But out of that rubble rises the phoenix… so don’t give up- love love love love love.


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  1. Rachel Sullivan says:

    Hi…….I grew up on the same street as Chad and babysat him and his brother quite often. 🙂 I was so sad to hear about his death. I woukd love to purchase some of his amazing artwork. Do you know if I can do that?

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