is it cell phone or cellphone?


I found this and thought well duh viv, then I looked up when I wrote it:

“Deep within the sub cultural circuitry of our modern day society something is happening. The fabric upon which we communicate is being re-sown and re-birthed by technology. The cell phone has quickly established itself as a super contender in the world market for communication; and further, has had such an enormous impact on our lives that it’s beginning to reshape our vernacular. Amongst the flurry of text messages, instant messages, emails, and phone calls, a new pseudo language is evolving. A sort of abbreviated digital slang has evolved out of a need for efficiency. Substituting proper grammar in place of quick communication. A new neo-hieroglyphic form of communication is slowly maturing in our world. One where letters take on a more ancient role of conveyance through visual implication rather than phonetics. The most rudimentary cellular(phone) example of this can be found in that of the happy face. Formed through using various assemblages of colons, equal signs, brackets, and parentheses, an individual can imply and suggest a myriad of different feelings and gestures based solely on the way it looks. This hodgepodge form of communication seems to reference ties right off the walls of the caves of Lascaux, or  directly from the mighty Egyptian hieroglyphs. Communication has run full circle, and suddenly we have found ourselves upon the dawn of the past, reinforced by the technologies of today.”

 – Vivian Martinez

October 17th 2006


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