Summer of Silence

POLAROID_PS_01 huge thanks to Dum Dum Zine for posting my double exposure polaroid series Summer of Silence it was a beautiful experience for me and I’m glad to share some of what I see.

“Check out her gorgeous compositions and witty double exposures in this photo series “Summer of Silence,” featuring amazing scenes and femme bands Telecaves, Prince Rama, Bloody Death Skull, TÜLIPS, along with introspective selfies of the photographer herself.”

Aw shucks, thanks dummies!  I only noticed just after finishing these that there are absolutely no men in the series whatsoever, femme power huh? Here is the link to the full article and ALL the pix but here’s few of my favorites plus some unpublished ones:

POLAROID_caves_05 POLAROID_flip_01POLAROID_rama_03 POLAROID_tulips_18POLAROID_pool_03 POLAROID_pinata_13 POLAROID_pool_01


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