callback comedy open mic is back!!

HUGE thanks to the Pop-Hop for resurrecting the mic!

Come check us out on Tuesdays at the The Pop-Hop for some good ole’ fashioned open mic comedy.

Find us on FB




the Vivian Show!

HOY SHIT this month’s Vivian show was insane!

I made buttons!

Huge thanks to all the comedian who came through including our last minute editions of Josh Fadem and Chanel Ali!



the Vivian Show is EXTENDED!

Somebody likes me!

So happy to announce the Vivian Show: starring other people but mostly Vivian has been extended on the MainStage at iO West! I’m very proud of everyone especially Cassandra Cardenas my partner in crime and terrible intern, my amazing Dr. Rimshot (Terrence Newman) and last but not least all the amazing comedians who helped make it possible:

Barbara Gray, Miles K Stenehjem, Josh Fadem, Matt McCarthy, Riley Silverman, Brodie Reed, Dave Merheje, Adam Strauss, Lizzy Cooperman, Rachel Mac, Stephanie Tolev, Atsuko Okatsuka, Emily Fleming, Christina Catherine Martinez, Wesley Doloris, Bri Giger, Nina Tarr, Omid Singh, Robby Hoffman, Nina Daniels, Jared Ramirez, Robby Slowik, Katheryn Henson, Valerie Tosi and, John Norris!

Come out to our next one where we’re going to premiere a new video OOOOOOOOOOOO click here for the FB event



Here’s some of the old posters:



The Callback: comedy open mic

I’m hosting a new open mic in Highland Park and I’m so excited, I can’t wait for Wednesday. My friend Britt is the brains behind this operation, so a huge thanks to her and the Hi Hat for having me there! This new venue is sure to start shinning as one of L.A.’s best.


The Callback is a standard open mic but the fun part is that I pick my fav comic, and they come back the next week for a solid 5mins.

Here’s the event on Facebook with all the information.



the voice of Slamdance 2016

Slamdance let me be the voice of this year’s festival!

Click the link here to read all about my adventures at this year’s festival




ViV WON the Funny Women Fest Stand Up Competition!

holy shit-

Thank you To Cake Batter for putting on the festival! Hugsss

I’m SO honored to have had the opportunity to perform next to all dem funny ladies. It was so much fun and I met so many cool people (vaginas and penises!)

I’m gonna go turn on my humidifier and faint now.

Honestly I’m in shock still.

I look so worried! Lol

This is my dad, Henry. I gave him a shout out during the set, it got a big laugh 👻


did you get a postcard from me? I hope not.

FullSizeRenderthanks for participating in this postal experiment. Hopefully – none of them got to you.

10 have gone out

Stand by for statistics on what cards arrived successfully

link to the original event and L.A. Art book fair premiere

is it cell phone or cellphone?


I found this and thought well duh viv, then I looked up when I wrote it:

“Deep within the sub cultural circuitry of our modern day society something is happening. The fabric upon which we communicate is being re-sown and re-birthed by technology. The cell phone has quickly established itself as a super contender in the world market for communication; and further, has had such an enormous impact on our lives that it’s beginning to reshape our vernacular. Amongst the flurry of text messages, instant messages, emails, and phone calls, a new pseudo language is evolving. A sort of abbreviated digital slang has evolved out of a need for efficiency. Substituting proper grammar in place of quick communication. A new neo-hieroglyphic form of communication is slowly maturing in our world. One where letters take on a more ancient role of conveyance through visual implication rather than phonetics. The most rudimentary cellular(phone) example of this can be found in that of the happy face. Formed through using various assemblages of colons, equal signs, brackets, and parentheses, an individual can imply and suggest a myriad of different feelings and gestures based solely on the way it looks. This hodgepodge form of communication seems to reference ties right off the walls of the caves of Lascaux, or  directly from the mighty Egyptian hieroglyphs. Communication has run full circle, and suddenly we have found ourselves upon the dawn of the past, reinforced by the technologies of today.”

 – Vivian Martinez

October 17th 2006