ViV WON the Funny Women Fest Stand Up Competition!

holy shit-

Thank you To Cake Batter for putting on the festival! Hugsss

I’m SO honored to have had the opportunity to perform next to all dem funny ladies. It was so much fun and I met so many cool people (vaginas and penises!)

I’m gonna go turn on my humidifier and faint now.

Honestly I’m in shock still.

I look so worried! Lol

This is my dad, Henry. I gave him a shout out during the set, it got a big laugh 👻



did you get a postcard from me? I hope not.

FullSizeRenderthanks for participating in this postal experiment. Hopefully – none of them got to you.

10 have gone out

Stand by for statistics on what cards arrived successfully

link to the original event and L.A. Art book fair premiere

Wait we’re voting again? YES.


It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to do a Los Angeles voting guide in order to support people who want to vote but are busy, and to just share info I found.

I ALSO write it to get more residents of Los Angeles to face the city’s needs and respond to them. I get that sharing news on Facebook is dramatic and exciting and you feel like you’re part of it, but honestly – are you helping? Sure you’re spreading the word, but then what? Awareness is not prevention.

Care for the city you live in by treating it as you would your hometown. Sure your grandma doesn’t live here but my abuelita does, and my family goes to school here. An election for School Board Members is the opposite of glamorous yes, but they are important people in the community you live in. Think about your neighbors’ kids, the son of the manager of your fav Thai place or that school you eat brunch across the street from- think about Africa, the mentally ill homeless man who was killed yesterday by LAPD.

 “Over the last decade, voter participation in city elections has ranged from 10% to 34%. It’s bad for democracy — and it empowers special interest groups — when so few Angelenos are making the decisions for everyone” – Los Angeles Times’ Editorial Board

Please remember these are my humble opinions (which I found out just now perfectly match LA Times – see below) and you should research and come to your own conclusions.

Charter Amendments 1 & 2: YES  **this ammendment wasliterally written to help oost the number of voters in local elections… nuff saqid

City Council (which district am I?)

City Council District 2: Paul Krekorian

City Council District 4. Sheila Irani

City Council District 6: Cindy Montañez

City Council District 8: Marqueece Harris-Dawson

City Council District 10: Herb Wesson

City Council District 12: Mitchell Englander

City Council District 14: Gloria Molina

Board of Education

Board of Education District 3: Tamar Galatzan

Board of Education District 5: Andrew Thomas (most of us live in this district, Silverlake Echo Park etc)

Board of Education District 7: Richard Vladovic

Community College District Seats

Community College District seat 1: Andra Hoffman

Community College District seat 3: Sydney Kamlager

Community College District seat 5: Scott Svonkin

Community College District seat 7: Mike Fong

HEY YOU – new piece debuted at L.A. Art Book Fair / Reading at the Echo w/Dum Dum


UPDATE: reading went successfully at the Echo followed by some amazing performances!

Postcards will come once I have some time this summer

Here’s a pic of me –


Hi hi

So my latest micro fiction debuted in Dum Dum Zine’s Issue No. 5 – Post & Present at the Geffen Contemporary for L.A. Art Book Fair which was fun (but so crowded!) The Dum Dum table was my goal as I navigated a sea of hipster parents, bibliophiles and striped tshirts. But I made it (as you can see in the video above)

We’re performing our pieces TOMORROW NIGHT at the Echo for the release party followed by amazing music from TÜLIPS, Bloody Death Skull and So Many Wizards!! A fav band of mine that actually played Dum Dum Zine’s first issue release party which I produced back in 2013.

It’s gonna be a crazy night, we were even L.A. Weekly’s “party of the week” pick – so I hope to see you there!

#get dum

I’ll be reading an excerpt from the piece tomorrow (which is printed in the issue you can buyyy) but here’s the full story I wrote:

I often wonder if postmen postworkers mail persons (post-people??) read postcards
You can see it right here – and I’m sure it’s tempting
I would read it
But then, would you feel bad?
I wouldn’t would a little
Like listening to someone’s phone conversation in line
You They know you can see it
the people workers
because it’s right there here
Maybe they you just don’t care anymore
are you reading this now?
don’t feel bad, I forgive you
now please don’t deliver this
take it home
it’s for you

Dear Kitten: Regarding my big breakthrough

Well I’m no A-lister but I was in this Buzzfeed video that recently played in a few cities during the SUPERBOWL!

Crazy right? AND it’s a pretty cute video… the second one is the 60 second TV spot.


Just in case you are as “huh” as I am about voting I did a bit of research this year and decided to share my results.

and please don’t forget, these are my humble opinions.



Jerry Brown
Gavin Newsom
Alex Padilla
Betty T. Yee
John Chang
Kamala D. Harris
Dave Jones
Jerome E. Horton
Ted Lieu
Sandra Fluke
Al Muratsuchi

yes to justices

Jacqueline H. Lewis
Andrew M. Stein
Tom Torakson
Jeffrey Prang
Jim McDonnell

YES on:
1, 2, 45, 47, 48, T & U

NO on:
46 & P

Summer of Silence

POLAROID_PS_01 huge thanks to Dum Dum Zine for posting my double exposure polaroid series Summer of Silence it was a beautiful experience for me and I’m glad to share some of what I see.

“Check out her gorgeous compositions and witty double exposures in this photo series “Summer of Silence,” featuring amazing scenes and femme bands Telecaves, Prince Rama, Bloody Death Skull, TÜLIPS, along with introspective selfies of the photographer herself.”

Aw shucks, thanks dummies!  I only noticed just after finishing these that there are absolutely no men in the series whatsoever, femme power huh? Here is the link to the full article and ALL the pix but here’s few of my favorites plus some unpublished ones:

POLAROID_caves_05 POLAROID_flip_01POLAROID_rama_03 POLAROID_tulips_18POLAROID_pool_03 POLAROID_pinata_13 POLAROID_pool_01

new story “The Skeksis” on Blunderbuss Mag

Oh yeah, you remember that dream I had… well It’s FINALLY an animated story

The Skeksis <– check it out on Blunderbuss Magazine

(You can read the original story along with silly fill-in skeksis memes here.)

I’m so pleased with the way this turned out, big thanks to Blunderbuss Magazine and my “wonder sister” Yvonne. Check out my cool glasses and gold chain, haha #thingsthataregold (I didn’t even tell her to draw me that way #swag)

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.25.01 PM

Here’s some of her stuff, which I have been a long time fan of obvi- click here to see her website.